What are COUNTERpoints?

COUNTERpoints is our thank you for regular guests.

There is no card to clog up your wallet or app to take up your screen. Once you are a member you receive one COUNTERpoint for (almost) every pound you spend with us. For every 200 COUNTERpoints we will offer a £10 discount off your bill. We will also update you on what is going on at COUNTER and BackCOUNTER and send you special members-only offers.

Fill in the following form if you want to be a member!


How do I sign up?
  • Ask your waiter: you will be provided with a COUNTERpoints form. Fill it in and give it to us with your bill. We will set you up in the system, credit your account with your first COUNTERpoints, and you are ready to go or
  • Fill in the form below;
How do I collect points?
  • Just let us know that you are a member: Please tell your host or waiter that you are a member and give them your name. Our team will look you up on the tablet and link your table to your COUNTERpoints. After that, your bill will show your COUNTERpoints balance;
How can I redeem my points?
  • Your bill should show you how many points you can use. If you have over 200 COUNTERpoints, let your waiter know that you want to redeem them;
  • We will then credit £10 off your bill against 200 COUNTERpoints as part-payment;
What is the fine print?
  • You can’t collect COUNTERpoints on hot drinks only / Coffee & Pastry / Coffee & Muffin orders, but don’t forget our COUNTERcoffee card
  • You can’t collect COUNTERpoints on group bookings over 15 people;
  • Your account will be closed after 12 months of inactivity;
  • COUNTERpoints have no monetary value and can not be redeemed for cash;
  • We will use your data to send you information and other updates from COUNTER / London Continental Hospitality Ltd but we will not share your data with other people or companies;
  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel any and all or parts of the COUNTERpoints programme;