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Monday - Thursday    07:00 - 00:30
Friday    07:00 - 01:30
Saturday    09:00 - 01:30
Sunday    09:00 - 00:30

Wednesday to Saturday 17:00 - Late


  • Vauxhall has been crying out for this kind of place for years and now its cries have been answered
    Samphire and Salsify

  • Counter is the best thing that’s happened to Vauxhall – perhaps ever.
    Time Out

  • COUNTER brings the traditional brasserie firmly into the 21st century.
    Sloan! magazine

  • the greatest asset of Counter is its diversity and ability to satisfy a variety of customers from families to couples to parties.
    The Culture Trip

  • We visited while the restaurant was still on soft-launch, so were willing to be lenient on the service, but as it turned out were impressed with knowledgeable and slick floor staff.

  • COUNTER brings a touch of New York’s ‘happening’ Meatpacking District to what is Europe’s largest urban regeneration area and is the top casual dining destination in this exciting neighbourhood.

  • There may always have been perfectly respectable reasons to find yourself in Vauxhall during the day, some that didn’t involve sneaking out of Chariots or stumbling out of an after. They were just never very plausible. At least until Counter opened.

  • Counter is here not only to help preserve the history of the area, but also change the impeached attitudes of being a solely super club hot spot and to make it the desirable place to be for LGBTI food and history lovers alike.
    Gay Star News

  • Overall, this is a more casual take on an evening dining spot, but still sophisticated enough to feel like it's a treat. Food and service were brilliant and the interiors were smart without being snobby. Mood lighting and nice finishes like marble and chrome took it up a level and with fresh, tasty food 
    Sarah Akwisombe
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COUNTER Vauxhall Arches is the all-day bar & brasserie serving up an eclectic feast of freshly made seasonal French and American inspired dishes along with some of the Capital’s best tasting cocktails (including our signature Vauxhall Vespa), mocktails, craft beers and exclusively sourced French and American wines.

Located just seconds from Vauxhall station, COUNTER is officially London’s longest restaurant housed in a 200-foot long arch (which could easily accommodate Nelson’s Column) and open seven days a week for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Dubbed ‘Deco meets Disco’, the look and ambiance of COUNTER combines the heritage of Vauxhall’s historic reputation for pleasure-seeking alongside glittering antiqued mirrors, lacquered grey tones and custom-made lighting.