One of the most frequent discussions we as the management team were having is Sunday roast. Clearly there is nothing more 'Sunday in England' than a wonderful roast with all the trimmings. And a lot of customers told us that they would really like us to serve a roast. On the other hand Sunday roast is normally the quintessential English meal, and we are a New-York-style brasserie with a really busy brunch.

But after 2 years we have decided to try it. This Easter Sunday and Monday we will add a choice of Crackling pork belly or Corn-fed chicken to the brunch menu. With all the trimmings (sans Yorkshire pudds) for £16 a plate. Yummy.

Why no lamb for Easter you may ask. Well, we will wait for new lamb to come onto the market rather than the lamb from last year.

And finally, the French enjoy a beautiful roast with potatoes and vegetables just like the rest of us. So, join us for our spin on a Anglo-French favourite.

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lamb portrait_web.jpg