Has it really been two years since we opened our doors to Vauxhall? Yes, it has been. So time for a little bit of a make-over. As you have already seen, we updated our logo and web page. As Vauxhall is changing and evolving, we will continue to change and evolve. This year will see a lot more changes. The great thing is that we will see a lot of openings, from the new US Embassy on Nine Elms to South Bloc on Goding Street. But most importantly, we remain committed as ever to serving the best food and drinks in Vauxhall. So check out our new menu. Breakfast and brunch remain American-inspired as ever while our lunch and dinner are definitively tacking to the French side this spring. But don't worry, the Counter burger stays.

And as a little treat, here is a picture from just over2 years ago. Regulars will recognise the view today.

Building the bar