Looking to explore the world of modern and contemporary arts? Vauxhall might not be on top of your list, but this January you can make an enjoyable afternoon out of a walk around Vauxhall and its galleries:

Gasworks in 155 Vauxhall Street is taking part in the Collective Matter exhibition, organised in conjunction with Tate Britain. And from Jan 26 they will show Female Executioner, a Vauxhall typical exploration of 19th century queer gender relations.

Continue your exploration of Collective Matter at the Beaconsfield Gallery, half-way up to Damien Hirst's Newport Street Gallery. Housed in the historic Lambeth Ragged School, the building itself is worth a visit. Next to the Beaconsfield you can see the Chelsea Fringe 2015 garden design by Barbara Hepworth, supported by our local business improvement district Vauxhall One.

Continue up the street to the Newport Street Gallery. Until March 19 they present some of Gavin Turk's best works. And the building itself is equally impressive.

On your way back cross the old Vauxhall Pleasure Garden and visit the Cabinet Gallery. Vauxhall's newest opening will show Jana Euler's finest works from January 18.

After all that it's time to treat yourself at COUNTER to a cup of tea and a dessert, or even our Pleasure Garden Platter, while looking at the largest selection of old prints of the Pleasure Garden in the middle of London's longest restaurant. Or stay in Vauxhall and catch a performance in the evening at Above The Stag or The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

And who said there was no culture in Vauxhall?