We take our hot drinks as serious as our food. All our bartenders are trained baristas by Allpress. Whether you grab your coffee on the go or sit down for the café experience, you are always welcome at Counter.

Coffee - A liquid hug for your brain!

All our coffees are espresso based, using Allpress' Redchurch Blend - a blend of Brazilian Santa Alina, Colombian Pescador, Guatemalan Acatenango and Sumatran Mandheling. The Brazil is a natural – clean and sweet, the semi washed Sumatran is spicy with loads of body. Both the Guatemalan and the Colombian coffees bring fresh clean acidity with the Colombian and the Brazil both adding caramel sweetness. The Roast profile is medium, to produce a blend that is a balanced and smooth espresso.

Tea - The best that man and nature can produce!

Our tea comes from Jing Tea. Based locally in Kennington, Jing supplies tea to London's finest restaurants and worldwide. Whether it's a traditional English Breakfast or Jasmine tea, Jing strive to bring the best of Asian tea culture to the world via London. They source and share authentic teas produced by masters using skills handed down over generations. Picked and expertly made, then packed at source for unrivalled freshness, Jing teas arrive as fresh as they left the garden.

Don't forget to pick up a Coffee Card. For every four coffees or teas you get one free.